Finally at the “Start”

So the fateful “Training Start” date is looming on my calendar: Monday, May 9.  That means this weekend is my last chance to ruin myself with booze and BBQ before the long drudge back to fitness.  Aside from it finally being warm enough to take my doughy self outside to run, I chose the date for a reason:

A very good friend of mine is getting married!  I haven’t seen this particular group of college friends in years, and every time we meet is a blast – so I’m definitely very excited.  I know there are plenty of people who can attend a wedding while limiting their revelry to a garden salad and a glass of water, but who wants to spend a weekend with that guy?  No one I know.

So I’ll just pull the cliché and say “Alright, ONE more bad weekend,” and then prepare myself and the people I love for a couple months of viciousness while I deny myself everything that makes life bearable.  I would normally tell myself that I hope it works, but hope isn’t really a thing at this point – it has to work.

There’s a lot to do!  Physical fitness is just one piece of the puzzle.  And I’ve done that before, I can do it again – I’m actually looking forward to the challenge and routine.  No, I think my biggest challenge will be the things I’ve never really experienced before.  All the sailing, all the promotion, all the fundraising, and all the knots.  There are a lot of knots to learn.  I’m interested to see how everything will end up fitting in with work and the frat…

Probably not the best time to get a new puppy, right?


WRONG. It’s always the best time to get a new puppy.  So, wish me luck this one last raucous weekend.  And if I make it to the other side alive:

Wish me luck again.

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