Week 2: Graduation.



It’s graduation season.  My social media feed is frothy with posts of new graduates enjoying the pride and ceremony of their achievements, and it’s fun to watch.  Their posts remind me of how happy and excited that accomplishment is.

Yesterday afternoon I too celebrated a modest “graduation”.  I spent a few moments in the trailer office at a small marina acknowledging a little accomplishment of my own: the conclusion of my introduction to sailing.

It’s a pretty minor first step, but hey – there it is.  I am now a 100% bona fide amateur sailor.  As it turns out I’m a natural at running into docks, so if you ever need someone for that – I’m your guy.

The final day of training was a challenge.  The sun and breeze we enjoyed on the first session were replaced by a persistent cold rain, so by the end we were drenched and freezing.  I couldn’t help but think that I’ll be enjoying similar conditions (and much worse, I imagine) during the ocean crossing, which certainly quelled any urge to complain.  I should buy a coat, though.

At the end of the day my patient instructress presented my pitifully soggy self with this impressive new credential.

My next step will be taking full advantage of my free practice time at the marina to fully develop my dock-crashing talents.  I mean to impress those Clipper folks.

I can no longer say that I know nothing about sailing (though maybe Chip down at the marina would say otherwise), and it’s great to have a real piece of evidence that all this effort is actually advancing me toward something.  I know from experience that it’s easy to lose sight of progress, and a benchmark can help bring some perspective.

So I’ll take my dinky certificate, thank you very much.  And now that I can check that off the list, it’s time for the next challenge.

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